Kiwi Pizza Oven - Pizza Lunch!

Are you interested in testing an authentic Pizza Oven?

Come and see our authentic pizza oven in action!

You're invited to test it out and see how it makes amazing pizzas.

It's a chance to try something tasty and test our ovens before deciding on which colour and style you would like

Please register your interest and we will contact you with a time and date!

"We recently had Pawel of Kiwi Pizza Ovens build the Mexican-style pizza oven and we are thrilled. If you were looking for a pizza oven I would suggest having a chat with Pawel"


Get the family involved

Our pizza ovens are more than just a cooking tool—they're the heart of gathering and good times!

Cooking with Kiwi Pizza Oven involves the whole family; everyone can join the fun. You can turn a weekend lunch into a culinary class with kids, showing them world cuisines, the importance of good food and a healthy diet. After all, not all pizza is junk food, and even picky kids like it when made by themselves!

From kneading dough to choosing toppings and watching the pizzas bake to perfection, it's an interactive experience that brings everyone together.

You will find that some quality pizza dough and a few toppings are more than enough for an awesome pizza party. We still enjoy watching pizza oven newbies making their first pizza and eating it quickly to try another one. Our guests are so into experimenting with pizzas that everyone cherishes their full belly on the nearby deck when we are ready for wedges or meat. Because our ovens are so well insulated and keep heat for so long, we can wait for people to get hungry again with no risk of the oven cooling down.

Our pizza ovens are built to retain heat so you won't be stuck in front of the pizza oven.

Pizzas cook in minutes, so after making one, you can go right back to socialising, allowing another creative chef to try their skills. When the party is over, and you have some leftovers, you can put them in a ceramic dish to devour at midnight or treat yourself to a pizza oven lunch again the day after.

These ovens aren't just about making delicious pizzas; they're a centrepiece for entertainment, turning any get-together into a memorable occasion.