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I am Pawel, and this is my wife, Monika. We are the owners, designers and builders of Kiwi Pizza Oven. 

Our journey started on a holiday 12 years ago when I made my first pizza oven, inspired by the amazing pizza quality in Italy. We spent evenings enjoying traditional Italian pizza, sharing food stories and asking chefs for their secret recipes. They all encouraged us to cook with traditional wood-fired pizza ovens, and I raised to the challenge of building one myself.

Word spread quickly among friends, who began to inquire about obtaining their own. This prompted me to explore ways to enhance and perfect the design. It then became our dream to bring our love for pizza to New Zealand and pursue my passion for designing and building the best pizza ovens for people to enjoy. 

I am a perfectionist at heart, and before embarking on the journey to create the ultimate pizza oven, I immersed myself in extensive research. I needed to know the best materials, how to build a pizza oven to last, and how to trap heat for an even cooking experience and a long thermal retention period to allow for versatile use. For years, I collaborated with many European high-temperature technology specialists and producers who shared their trade knowledge and secrets, allowing me to build the best wood-fired pizza oven on the market, made to last and provide superior results.

Today, I believe we have the best pizza oven on the NZ market, and that's because of the genuine attention to detail that goes into each handcrafted piece. Crafting each pizza oven requires 100 hours of meticulous attention to detail. This labour of love allows us to continue and perfect my passion for construction and design. 

We enjoy working with our hands and continually finding ways to improve, which is why my pizza ovens are authentic and like no other. All casts and building material has been carefully developed by myself, and you won't be able to find an authentic pizza oven like ours anywhere else in New Zealand. When you buy a pizza oven from us, you are guaranteed to get an authentic Neapolitan wood-fired oven. Our pizza ovens are crafted full of small but important details and improvements based on the history of our customers. As perfectionists, we could proudly call our ovens 'close to perfection!'

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We are based in Christchurch but ship throughout New Zealand. If you are local, we would love you to visit and check out the Pizza Ovens yourself. 

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