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At Kiwi Pizza Oven, we are your choice for top-quality wood-fired pizza ovens that combine innovation, style, and functionality. Our expertly handcrafted ovens are made from high-temperature refractory materials to bring an authentic culinary experience and delicious taste of traditional, artisanal pizza to your home.

Pizza ovens made in Christchurch, New Zealand

Evenly Cooked Pizzas

From perfectly baked 90-second pizzas with crispy edges to slow cooking over 10-15 hours, it comes down to the thermal mass of the pizza oven.

A wood-fired pizza oven with a low thermal mass can overheat easily and lose temperature quickly, leading to temperature instability and an uneven cooking experience. A poorly balanced pizza oven exhibits prolonged heating times and excessive wood consumption.

Kiwi Pizza Ovens' thermal mass is perfectly designed and manufactured for our residential and commercial ovens.

Engineered to Resist Cracking

Numerous mortar joints can increase the risk of cracking. Ovens available in the NZ market rely on bricks connected by mortar. Our innovative solution - a dome consisting of four distinct sections - reduces the risk of cracks forming during thermal expansion, which can be a concern when working with bricks due to the numerous joints involved. We manage thermal expansion through strategically placed expansion joints, minimising the likelihood of structural cracks.

Pizza ovens made of various materials may crack, as each material has different thermal expansion properties. Once a pizza oven cracks, water always finds its way in, whether you can see it or not.

With temperature increasing rapidly, water boils instead of evaporating, which creates steam. This process can cause microcracks that compromise the overall structure and integrity of the pizza oven. In severe cases, the accumulation of steam can create pressure, potentially causing the oven to rupture and posing a risk of injury or harm.

Rust Colour Pizza Oven During Snow

Our pizza ovens are built to last

Our Pizza ovens are constructed with sandwich walls of up to 10 different layers of various materials, minimising the risk of cracks forming during thermal expansion. Due to their incredible thermal insulation, our ovens are resistant to harsh New Zealand weather. 

Our insulation is enhanced by our outer shell, handcrafted from lightweight mortar. This uniquely designed outer shell ensures the perfect shape, reinforces the structure and extends the longevity of your pizza oven. A 100% ceramic fibre blanket layer is durable and provides excellent insulation.

Cook More with Kiwi Pizza Ovens

Our pizza ovens can be used to fry, grill, boil and dehydrate foods. An exceptionally long heat retention period enables customers to bake fresh bread, slow-cook a stew, toast bread or bake cakes. 

Due to their exceptional insulation, our ovens retain heat for an exceptionally long period of time. Thanks to that, you can fire our oven at noon, enjoy a pizza dinner, roast potato supper and a fresh batch of jam for breakfast. It only takes ten pieces of wood to create a variety of dishes in one day. 

The pizza oven also provides a cooking means during natural disasters such as earthquakes, power outages, or floodings. Your cosy garden pizzeria will still provide your family with hot meals.

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"We went for a pizza demonstration and loved the design of the Kiwi pizza oven and the care that Pawel has on building them. He provided great support throughout the process. We now are enjoying the oven for pizza, bread and many other things. We definitely recommend the service. Very good quality and craftsmanship."


DIY Pizza Oven Kit Set


"We recently had Pawel of Kiwi Pizza Ovens build the Mexican-style pizza oven and we are thrilled. If you were looking for a pizza oven I would suggest having a chat with Pawel."


100 Hour Wood Fired Pizza Ovens

Our pizza ovens are one-of-a-kind masterpieces, meticulously handmade in Christchurch and impossible to replicate. We use top-quality refractory materials designed for our high-temperature cooking applications and building materials developed in-house. 

Our ovens have been crafted and refined over 12 years and engineered for durability, longevity, high heat retention, and authenticity. Our pizza ovens cannot be replicated or mass-produced, as each is lovingly handcrafted over at least 100 hours using unique methods to ensure quality craftsmanship.

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Try before you buy a wood fired pizza oven

Interested in a pizza oven but would like to try it first?

Learn how to make an authentic pizza from a wood-fired oven during a pizza lunch.

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Handmade wood-fired ovens in Christchurch

I am Pawel, and this is my wife, Monika. We are the owners, designers and builders of Kiwi Pizza Oven. 

Our journey started 12 years ago when I made my first pizza oven, inspired by the amazing pizza quality in Italy. Our dream led us to New Zealand, where we're dedicated to creating the best pizza oven for Kiwis to savour authentic Italian pizza at home with friends and family.

Crafting each pizza oven takes us an average of 100 hours. When you purchase a pizza oven from us, you will get a one-of-a-kind authentic Neapolitan wood-fired oven. 

We would love you to visit us in Christchurch and enjoy authentic wood-fired pizza with us at a pizza lunch.

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